Freshers’ Tutorials

We want you to have a lovely and memorable start into your studies. That’s why we offer you many Freshers’ Tutorials (Erstsemestrigen-Tutorien or just E-Tuts). They take place on an irregular basis. That’s why it’s the best for you to follow us on Facebook and Telegram to never miss out any! You can also find the dates in our subscribable calendar.

We offer you the following E-Tuts in winter semester 2018:

Winf Meet & Greet

Mon, 01.10.18 ab 16:00 Uhr – FS Winf – get to know us! Snacks and drinks provided.


Wed, 03.10.18 Treffpunk 16:30 Uhr – Große Bibliotheks Eule – Did you ever want to fly high? Come to our Bouldering-Tut!

Bar Tutorial

Wed, 10.10.18 Treffpunkt 19:00 Uhr – FS Winf – We show you the best bars around uni.

Laser Tag

Thu, 11.10.18 Treffpunk 18:30 Uhr – FS Winf – Battle Royal was yesterday. Play Laser Tag with and against us!

Sushi Tut

Mon, 15.10.18 ab 17:30 Uhr – FS Winf – Everyone loves Sushi! That’s why we’re gonna do Sushi by ourselfes we’ll eat up afterwards.

Sauna instead of Studies

Wed, 17.10.18 Treffpunkt 18:45 Uhr – Amalienbad – Burnout after two weeks already? Come to our Sauna-Tut and relax.


Mon, 10.12.18 16:00 – FS Winf – Nom nom nom… COOKIES!!

“Breakfast at my place” – to be announced

tba – FS Winf – Any questions about your studies? We listen to you and try to help you by answering them and filling up your tummy at the same time. If you’re just hungry without having any questions you’re very welcome as well of course! 🙂

Film-Tut – to be announced

tba – tba – Popcorn, surround sound and the best films!