20 years old, 6th semester, Bachelor programme Business Informatics

Ivana has been active at the FS Winf for some time now and always has a friendly ear if you have questions regarding problems inside and outside of your studies. However, if something has to be managed or done she is always involved.


25 years old, 6th semester Bachelor programme Business Informatics,

He is always motivated, in a good mood and most likely to be met at FS Winf.  Michael always tries to solve students’ concerns. One of his main goals is to make the student union a more welcoming place for all students.


21 years old, 6th Semester, Bachelor programme Business Informatics

Together with our amazing people of the Student Union,
I want to support all students, help solve their problems and answer their questions. My vision is to help you make the best out of your time studying at this university.I want to achieve this with our activities for freshers and students in higher semesters, representation in all areas of the university,
and a whole lot more. Stay tuned